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About the company

Zenith Health Limited is a health and social care provider that specialises in the delivery of healthcare solutions to suit clients’ individualised needs. We operate across Ireland. We are dedicated to the provision of quality healthcare services, which are innovative and based on the service user’s self-defined, unique needs. 

Our skilled professionals aim to promote and maintain a high standard of optimum person-centred care and support by ensuring that service users are physically comfortable and safe within their environment, which enables them to grow at their own pace to maximise their potential emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. 

Our tailored objective is to offer consistent, unconditional care that encourages positive relationships, trust, and mutual respect for clients.

We provide both short and long-term personal care services for public and private clients, including live-in carers and we respond at short notice to supply health and social care workers to meet service users’ needs. 

Our services extend to protecting and supporting the most vulnerable service users and the elderly in their own homes and the community. 

Our staff provides compassionate care by assisting people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, challenging behaviours, autism, dementia, and other health conditions, to meet their needs, live independently, have control over their own lives, participate in society, and have the best quality of life. Our goals are clients’ and service users’ satisfaction. 

Zenith Health’s continuous improvement efforts are focused on improving services to clients and their families and our core passion is caring for others through patience, tolerance, kindness, and understanding.

Our Values

To promote service users’ dignity by effectively engaging them in decision-making and care. To respect service users’ right to privacy, taking into consideration the confidentiality of information. To encourage participation and engagement ensuring service users feel comfortable and listened to. 

Our Vision

Providing the best quality of person-centered care in a home-like setting where service users can remain active in their social and recreational activities and connected to family and significant others in the community. 

Our Mission

To enhance service users’ well-being by helping them meet their basic human needs and to support service users by empowering them to be independent and able to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

The Zenith Health agency is a service provider for healthcare sectors. We provide nurses, social care workers, and Healthcare assistants, for hospitals, nursing homes, and residential services for disabilities. We also supply staff with short notice to cover shifts. 

We are reliable and committed to providing a high level of quality services to meet our client’s needs and requirements. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide agency staff for our clients. 

All Zenith Health staff are fully qualified social carers and nurses, and we support staff by assuring an environment of fairness. Employees are viewed for their uniqueness and are provided with education, training, and resources to enhance job satisfaction. We foster both personal and professional growth through teamwork, succession planning, and recognition of achievements.

Our staff are trained and instructed in how to implement the values, beliefs, and a family-centred care approach to service.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our care services.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. There is more info in our Privacy Policy.